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I have worked as a Supervisor since 2003, offering individual and group supervision to experienced and trainee Counsellors and Psychotherapists. The practitioners work within a variety of theoretical orientations, in a range of settings within statutory and voluntary sectors, private practice.

I also offer consultancy supervision to coaches and staff in multidisciplinary teams (managerial, academic and support staff).

My experience as a Counsellor and Coach:

I have worked as a Counsellor since 1997 and Coach since 2009. I currently work in private practice, with previous experience in a University setting, primary care, staff counselling services, young people’s services, drug and alcohol services, private practice. My approach as a Counsellor is integrative within a person-centred core philosophy. I work with clients and supervisees from a range of cultural, class and ethnic backgrounds. 

How I work as a Supervisor:

I utilise a Relational Approach (Gilbert & Evans, 2000), using the Cyclical Model (Page & Wosket, 2001) as a framework. My practice is also informed by the Seven-eyed Supervisor Model (Hawkins & Shohet, 2000). I aim to provide a reflective space for my supervisees to explore issues arising from their client work, the therapeutic relationship, transference and countertransference, in order to gain a meta-perspective on their practice. This collaborative exploration enables them to gain more awareness of their own and their client’s process and the therapeutic interaction between the two, in addition to reflecting on their interventions and the wider context.

Ethical Practice:

I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.

Interest areas:

Mindfulness, The Transpersonal, Spirituality, Neuroscience, Eating & Body image issues, Addictions, Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Where are the sessions held?

I work from a base in Otley, West Yorkshire